Friday, December 09, 2016
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  • Yuval Cohen recieved a scholarship from the Indian government (ICCR) and in the year 2007 completed a BA degree in Odissi dance in the Indian University of Classical Arts (GHANDHARVA MAHAVIDYALAYA). the dances he studied are a essential part of the classical tradition of Orissa.
  • Yuval has been dancing since 1985 and choreographing since 1997. Was a member in the "Batsheva" dance company (Israel) and in ensemble "Dance Berlin" (Germany, Artistic director - Yossi Tamim), and performed his pieces; "Metzashortakavana" and "The Peacock Dance of the Gods" worldwide.
  • During his studies Yuval created solo pieces that are based on the influence of the Vedas (the Indian ancient scriptures) and his personal connection to the divine aspect. when initiated, Yuval received the name "Sri Nataraj Das" which in Sanskrit means: "the Servant of the Lord of Dance". In the Vedic tradition Krishna is the supreme personality of godhead and his most beloved pastime is dancing.

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