Going for a song recording or album recording is definitely a spine tickling feeling every time. Not only, you have to travel a lot, but also you have to find yourself a suitable music recording studio and in this process, there are so many things that you have to consider and focus on before you finalize your option.

So here are some things you should avoid before booking a recording studio

  1. You forgot to write songs

A lot of music composers and singers tend to make this mistake. They start looking for recording studios, but they haven’t composed the songs. Even if you are highly professional and have made an advanced payment, you cannot expect to get the entire recording done without sufficient stock of songs on a destined day.

  1. You didn’t play your songs live first

There’s always a proper technique of doing certain things and recording music also falls within the same fold. Just like launching a new product, you have to think about public reactions before you launch your music freshly. This is why you must play the songs in front of a live audience to have a hint of their taste and your success. Once the songs are accepted positively, you can think of recording them comfortably.

  1. Didn’t you practice enough as a team

Practicing together and operating as a team are interlinked factors that cannot be ignored at any cost and the more you practice, the more you get closer to perfection. If you don’t practice regularly with the entire team then it has every chance of foiling your performance at the recording studio.

  1. Your consumables are not in place

Every recording requires a certain number of consumables to be used as an important element in studio recordings. If you plan to play professionally then you simply cannot ignore the important consumables like guitar strings and drumsticks or other small elements.

  1. You aren’t fixed at a particular decision

You as a team should be fixed in certain decisions. If you keep on dwindling and swinging from one decision to another, then it’s going to add to the irritation of not only the studio owners but also it’s going to hamper your reputation as a performer and a team.

Songmill Studios have all the right equipment and infrastructure to get your song recorded and will also guide you at every step of song making.