When it comes to parties where the kids are the main characters, you have to be creative. If you want your child to experience an unforgettable event, this should be something that will really make his day.

It is just a good thing actually that kids have simple minds and they can be entertained even with affordable things as long as they are incorporated creatively. One of the most used materials when it comes to planning for parties involving kids is balloons.

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Here are some of the most engaging games you can have the kids play during their event:

  • Catch that balloon

This is not a competitive game. You will only need one balloon though you must prepare for backups though as they pop!

How to play this:

  1. Gather the kids around you
  2. Then toss the balloon up in the air and ask one child to catch it
  3. The objective of the kid is to ensure that he catches the balloon before it touches the ground
  4. The one who catches the balloon will be the one to toss the balloon again and choose someone to catch it.
  • Balloon race

This can be competitive or non-competitive

This is actually just an easy game. You only need 2 pcs. of string and a balloon for each participant.

How to play?:

  1. Use the strings to establish the start and finish line
  2. Create two teams and each member of the teams should hold a balloon
  3. Each of them should hold the balloons in between their legs and then they will race to the finish line and back. The first team to complete the game wins.

There are still so many balloon games that you can come up with and most of them are really engaging and entertaining.

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Let your kids know they are cherished by giving them a time to enjoy with their peers.