Recently, there are a lot of news in H1b reform(also known as h1b改革) . But how can they effect h1b applicant. In simple word, for non-h1b depend company and its Beneficiary, there are no changes. But for h1b depend companies, you need to provide additional documents to prove the job cannot replace by local American works. They must satisfy the following three conditions:

  • The employer will not replace other US employees in the same position by hiring the foreign employee within 90 days of submitting the H-1B (also known as h1b签证) application or submitting the H-1B extension application;
  • The employer will not arrange for H-1B employees to work with other employers unless the employer has explicitly investigated that other employers will not replace or intentionally replace other US employees in the same position within 90 days of the employee’s work date;
  • The employer has taken real steps to hire US employees before hiring H-1B employees and will pay at least the same compensation as other H-1B employees. Moreover, when the position has a US employee who is comparable or better than the H-1B staff, the employer will give priority to the US employee. In addition, if the H-1B employee is a “Priority Worker”, such as an EB-1 employee, the employer may not comply with these requirements.

Case Western Reserve University (凯斯西储大学) is a private university founded in 1826, originally called Western Reserve College, located in the small town of Hudson, 26 miles south of Cleveland. In 1882, the school moved to its current location and was renamed Western Reserve University. In 1877 another school called Case School of Applied Science was established, and in 1886 it moved to the current location of CASE. In 1967, after the two universities lived next to each other for 81 years, they merged into Case Western Reserve University. The school is about 20 minutes from downtown Cleveland, and students have free access to museums in the city, such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center.

Case Western Reserve University is one of the 15 private universities with the largest number of federal research funds. It ranks among the top 40 universities in the US News year-round. Its law, management, medicine, nursing and other professions are highly enjoyed in the industry. Academic reputation and recognition.