The music industry is a classic example of how digital technology changed everything, and the big music moguls suffered heavily, as people embraced the digital revolution that gave us the MP3 format, and creating your own media was suddenly within the reach of the average, IT competent user. You might want to make a music video to highlight the music you have digitally created, or you might already have the video, but require suitable backing music, and with online solutions, anything is possible.

Backing Music for a Range of Applications

You might be creating some advertising media, or perhaps dabbling at making your first documentary, and are looking for the right backing tracks, and with a website that list thousands of tracks, all ready to use, your options are indeed many. If you are a professional video editor, having an online source of good backing tracks is ideal, and with such a large database, there will be something suitable for every project.

Customised Solutions

In the event you do not find exactly what you are looking for, the website would offer a customised service and would be able to create a digital backing track to your specifications, which you could either download or receive on a CD through the regular mail. This means you can find the right backing track, even if you have to create it specifically for the project.

Budding Singer-Songwriters

There are many talented people who have not been in the right place at the right time, yet, with modern technology, they can create their own music. PC applications include programs that can digitally mix a number of tracks, and create a professional finished product that rivals a studio created album. Having access to a large database of finished tracks enables you to easily complete projects and who knows? You might be an undiscovered talent that the world finally acknowledges.

Marketing Possibilities

If you have a fair amount of IT experience, it is possible to create your very own marketing media, and you can even purchase backing tracks of all descriptions online, which makes it a simple process. Creating a video that showcases your products can really save you money, as a digital marketing agency would charge you a small fortune to produce something good. Graphics allow one to be very creative, and with the right backing music, your project will achieve the desired effect.

Video and Music Editing Software

Adobe Pro is a video editing suite that can produce TV quality work, and with a little practice, it isn’t hard to become proficient, and with Cakewalk, or a similar program, you can create your own digital music, and with an online supplier of backing tracks, the sky is the limit.

You might be an amateur singer who would like to experiment with self-production and with digital editing, all is indeed possible. Whatever your reason for wanting to create your own digital media, there are programs that enable anyone to create their unique music or video.