You can learn to play piano in two ways, via sheet music or via chords. Although you can recognize that sheet music is indispensable for some (especially classical) piano pieces, playing piano with the help of chords is by far the easiest. Each song consists of chords (played with the left hand) and the melody (played with the right hand). Chords form the basis, consisting of three or more keys that are played simultaneously (usually three). Play a melody and you have a song! Moreover, you can keep your own level of difficulty by keeping it easy by striking the chord at the same time, or you can use more difficult variants. Learning to play piano from sheet music is a lot harder because the left hand does not play fixed chords. In fact, the left hand often plays a kind of difficult counter melody and is never the same, unlike chords.

Practice every day

The best thing is if you practice about fifteen minutes to half an hour every day. If you’re just starting to play the piano, your fingers have to get used to the movement of the keys. Also navigating the left and the right hand together is something that feels very uncomfortable at first. By practicing regularly, things will all go smoother and you will progress by leaps and bounds. Practice once a week by visiting else it is very difficult to get your fingers used and you have to start every time. Exercising hours at a time also makes less sense at a given moment.

Take piano lessons

This tip seems logical, but based on the previous tip it is very important that the piano lessons are right for you! A private piano teacher is an excellent stick at the door and can give you good personal guidance. Take a trial lesson in advance to see if it clicks and to hear if there is also room to learn to play songs that you like, or that there is only room for theory and practice tunes. If you do not have money or time for a piano teacher at home, an online course is an excellent alternative. By means of instructional videos and E-books you can follow the course in your own time and pace. Here, too, it is important that the test lessons appeal to you.

Buy a metronome

One of the most underestimated issues in learning to play the piano is a metronome. This is a device that gives you taps or beeps at a fixed tempo, so that you can learn to play a song in time. You can buy a metronome for a few bucks at a music store, or you can search an online metronome on the internet or download it as an app on your smart phone or tablet. Your source of inspiration can be your grandfather, whose piano you inherited. If you do not have a clear goal, if you do not hear where you want to go, it’s a lot harder to play. One of the sources of your inspiration now is can be the, where you can learn by their classes and play piano pretty well.