All religions in the world have one thing in common, they all teach us to have sound moral values, and this is the cornerstone on which to build a modern society. Of course, each religion is unique in other ways, but if one looks at the code of living, one can see common factors in all. When talking of moral values, let us examine in more detail, the traits one would expect to find in a model citizen.

  • Honesty – This is something that should be instilled at a very young age, and fables and stories are always effective in demonstrating the benefits of being honest. In reality, once a person does something dishonest and there are no consequences, it is often repeated, and this can be the beginning of a life of crime, so it is important to show young children the virtues of being honest.
  • Kindness and Compassion – One cannot say one is spiritually aware if one is not kind and compassionate, and all religions stress this point over and over again. Often, people require reminders, and many would purchase something they can watch or listen to on a daily basis. You can, for example, order the Spiritual Warfare DVD series, which is an excellent guide on how to become spiritually aware.
  • Faith – One must have faith in many things, including humanity, our God, and to never lose hope, for it is then that the dark side can rally our attention. One needs faith when in the middle of a project, things are not looking good, and this is the time when we need to take a deep breath and tell ourselves that this will work out.
  • Charity – One should always be mindful that there are those worse off than ourselves, and by giving without expecting anything in return, you are displaying true charity. Never give more than you afford, as it is not what you give that matters, it is the intention of wanting to help that is really important.
  • Belief – This is more than just a question of believing in your God and the religion you subscribe to, it is also about believing in yourself, and to an extent, other people. There are some very good media items available online that can help us to understand our inner self, one such example is the Spiritual Warfare DVD series, which is very popular today.
  • Integrity – This trait must be developed over a period of time and comes slowly to us as we become adults. Having the integrity to always do the right thing can be difficult, especially if we would benefit in some way from making a certain decision, yet in our heart, we know it is wrong. If a person has the right teachings when young, and there are elders to guide, the majority will soon become model, upright citizens.

Living a morally sound life is incredibly rewarding in many ways, and with the right instruction, we can all push aside the material distractions and focus on being a good person.